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 Auroshikha Incense - Almond
Auroshikha Incense - Almond
Three packs shown, sold in Single Packs or 10-Packs.

  • Made from Essential Oils,
  • Flowers, Herbs, Barks,
  • Natural Resins & Woods
  • Aromatherapy Quality
  • Traditional, Hand-rolled
  • Buy a 10-Pack & Save $3.00!

  • Originally from western Asia, the almond tree now grows wild in southern Europe and much of America. The most valued almonds come from Spain.

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    Detailed Description
    True to Nature™ Auroshikha Incense - Almond
    A mild and sweet fragrance

    Originally from western Asia, the almond tree now grows wild in southern Europe and much of America. The most valued almonds come from Spain. Auroshikha Almond incense is made from essential oils of almond, petitgrain, and ylang ylang. The mild and sweet fragrance of the almond is a reason for its popularity. It has the unique ability to neutralize strong offending odors and is often used as a room freshener for that reason.
    Incense Fragrances that are “True to Nature”:
    Auroshikha incense is carefully crafted using natural ingredients to create a fragrance that is true to nature. The result is a selection of the finest scents in the world, with the delicacy and beauty of the original fragrance itself. Whether you are using Auroshikha sandalwood, with its earthy, heady, woody note, or rose, with its rich floral sweetness, you are getting a fragrance that will remind you of the source, without any chemical overtones or after-notes, and without the heavy smoke associated with many other brands. This creates an atmosphere of delight and freshness wherever you choose to burn Auroshikha incense.

    Auroshikha provides a range of more than 30 fragrances to provide something for every occasion and taste. Auroshikha incense can be used for room air freshening as an alternative to chemical air fresheners, as a mood-enhancing background fragrance, or as a meditation aid.

    The Auroshikha difference:
    • Natural fragrances based on herbs, flowers, fragrant woods and essential oils.
    • No glue used in incense paste.
    • Guaranteed non-toxic.
    • Traditional preparation: hand rolled, never mass produced.
    • No excess smoke.
    • Aromatherapy quality fragrances.

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