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 Fred Soll Incense - Desert Patchouli Incense
Fred Soll Incense - Desert Patchouli Incense

Desert Patchouli incense are a universal and perennial favorite that is valued for its attribute as an aphrodisiac, thus enabling sharpness of body, mind and spirit. Fred Soll has created this Pion-Patchouli scent as a truly unique combination, where East meets West in a most delightful way.

Fred Soll uses only all-natural ingredients to produce his high-quality incense products. Made with all-natural resin, Fred Soll's incense is handmade, hand dipped, and dried in the New Mexico Sun.

Each pack of Fred Soll incense comes with 20 incense sticks, each incense stick burns for approx 2 hours.

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A Worthy Patchouli that lasts a LONG time!   2/15/2013
Reviewed by: Patricia A Robinson from Alexandria, VA.
Don't fear the price because they truly do burn for 2 HOURS+ and consistently as well. So mathematically, this is a good buy, but what makes it worthy is the fine Patchouli aroma it has. I love Patchouli, but not all Patchouli is loved. There is no artificial smell, a very nice natural, even & clean patchouli, a pleasant earthy smell without a dirty pungency (a bad patchouli.)

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