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 Hem Dragon's Blood Incense
Hem Dragon's Blood Incense

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HEM Dragons Blood Incense
Available in 8gr. Square Pack and 20gr. Hex Pack

HEM IncenseHEM is world famous for its traditional incense made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils all blended skillfully with expert care and love. Their most widely known Precious line of incense comes in a variety of floral, exotic wood and traditional resin fragrances. Hem Champa, a traditional masala incense, is highly prized for its calming and purifying effect. At Incense Warehouse we carry a broad range of HEM products, fragrances and package sizes all at great prices.

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 Customer Reviews
Fantastic!!   4/15/2013
Reviewed by: Laura Price from Ohio.
I just love the smell of Hem's Dragons Blood. Wonderful product, wonderful service from Incense Warehouse! I am heaven in my home now whenever I burn a Hem product.
It comes down to two things!!   5/15/2010
Reviewed by: Scott Purvis from Texas.
Quality and Customer Service!!!! The quality of the products at this store are heads and shoulders above the typical smoke shop or our favorite the dreaded mall! Add the quality of the customer service and you have a pleasant experience. The Dragons Blood that I usually get will knock you down. this product was wonderful. Mellow, pleasant, burns good and simply last. It leaves the house full of the aura of the incense and comforts everyone who comes to visit, not to mention -ME.
wow   4/17/2010
Reviewed by: Aaron Pickholtz from Philadelphia,PA.
dragon's blood is definitely my favorite of the hem incenses. It has an extremely unique smell that is not one bit overbearing like other brands of dragons blood. I love this incense and I will soon be back for more.
Wonderful   4/3/2010
Reviewed by: Michele from Maryland.
I burn a lot of incense - hundreds of dollars worth a year - and this is probably my favorite of them all. Like all Hem products, it's a powerful scent, and I wouldn't recommend it for small rooms, but I would particularly recommend it to men, because it has a wonderfully masculine quality to it.
An Exceptional Dragon's Blood   5/21/2009
Reviewed by: ESuze Anderson from Anchorage, Alaska.
Another brand of Dragon's Blood that I have tried burns very harsh and is somewhat overbearing... This incense has the right amount of the fragrance, burns very nicely and has a mellow smooth after scent... very nice, I would definitely recommend it...
This stuuf rocks   1/16/2009
Reviewed by: Conrad from Washinton State.
When burnt this is a fruity scent very sweet I burn it while reading and before i sleep this is my favorite brand and scent
Dragon''s Blood   8/25/2008
Reviewed by: Cullen from Florida.
Dragon''s Blood incense is use primarily to rid home and area of negative energies. It is a purifying process in that it rids all negative vibrations with windows and doors to premise open.
yum   5/14/2008
Reviewed by: tara from ohio.
i love dragons blood for some reason it makes me think really hot guy...lol i don't know why... but it also puts me to sleep...
Realy strong   4/4/2008
Reviewed by: Brandon from Akron, Ohio.
Smells good but far from my favorite and I'm leaving a warning don't light in a small not so well ventilated room it will make your eyes water and your nose burn, but I still like it.
intense incense   11/7/2007
Reviewed by: steveski from Washington DC.
i''m not a big fan of dragon''s blood but i like to fire it up every now and then. this stuff is not for the faint of heart. don''t get me wrong, it''s nice stuff, but it''s very intense. if you like the subtle scents, don''t get this one. if you''re into the bold and like your incense on the intense side, this is a fine example of some very nice dragon''s blood.

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