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 Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense - White Sage Incense
Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense - White Sage Incense
Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense - White Sage Incense

Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense White Sage are made only with wild crafted plants, tree sap, wood, and bark found hiking the backcountry. No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume. Incense for people who enjoy sitting around the campfire.

Scent notes: earth, sunlight on varnished desert rock, spicy resin.

Region-Desert Southwest



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Detailed Description
Juniper Ridge White Sage Incense
Made with real leaves, wood and resins from the mountains and deserts of the West

It seems so strange to us that no one makes a White Sage incense that is just pure, 100% real White Sage. White Sage has such a rich, sagey scent when its burned, why Nag Champafy it and make it smell all perfumey? And yet, every other sage or White Sage incense out there smells more like the community room in a yoga commune than any White Sage weve ever bumped into out on the trail. Are those other incense manufacturers lazy, or do they just not care? I suppose its probably their customers who dont know the difference or care, but you do. Here it is folks, the worlds first and only 100% White Sage incense with all the magic of real White Sage, because, well, thats all it is.

Ingredients: White Sage, vegetable gum to hold plant material together, bamboo stick

20 sticks
Incense has been around since the dawn of human culture, and it has always been about burning real plant material - resins, leaves and wood. Those who find the smell of sitting around a campfire enjoyable and relaxing... these incenses are for you!
  • Juniper Ridge incenses are the only incenses anywhere made with 100% real leaves, wood and resins from the mountains and deserts of the West

  • None of the added scents, colors, cheap punking material, oxidizers etc. found in other incenses - we list all of our ingredients because we have nothing to hide

  • Instead of being sweet and perfumey, these incenses smell much more natural and woodsy, like a campfire crackling in the mountain-air night

  • No potassium nitrate - potassium nitrate is a chemical burning aid found in virtually every incense out there except for ours

  • Soothing, relaxing outdoorsy scent

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 Customer Reviews
elizabeth from queens   3/9/2011
Reviewed by: elizabeth from queens.
this white sage is so tight that it is the amazing sage i have ever had i wolud love to order some more and also the fresh smell and the peaceful and relaxing you just want to buy more i love these stuff and i have been looking for it over a year and a half i say peace out the house and thank you incense house.
Finally,Real White Sage!   2/2/2011
Reviewed by: Krissy from Ohio.
This incense is great.Perfect for when using a smudge stick is not readily available.Smells just like a fresh smudge stick.Highly Recommend This Incense.Yay Juniper Ridge!
Amazing...   12/5/2009
Reviewed by: Amy Stone from Anniston, AL.
This incense is truly 100% pure sage. The smell that radiates my home is AMAZING. Smells just like a sage smudge, but without the hassle of it. I adore this incense. This will be my staple from now on.
White Sage   8/20/2009
Reviewed by: Trish Klock from Titusville, PA.
I really enjoy their sage incense, because it really smells like sage! I love this product... I hate the perfumey smells, all nature is what I look for and this is it!!!
Best   9/10/2008
Reviewed by: Adam from WI.
This incense is true to its name. Smells exactly like a sage smudge with no impurities or extra scents interfering. I think I am goign to buy more from Juniper Ridge. Little expensive, but for 40 sticks that burn 30 minutes a piece, it''s not too bad.
Incense version of large smudge bundles!   7/15/2008
Reviewed by: Corey from GA.
Perfect sage incense true to the smell and authenticity of the larger smudge bundles. Great to use when you don''t want to light up the larger ones, which require time and more cleanup. Excellent job Incense Warehouse!
Smudge Dancers   12/29/2007
Reviewed by: Jes from Florida.
These are great incense! True to their word, they are the real thing. A couple of these in hand and my smudge ceremony becomes a dance. Perfect when you want or need to use something other than the leaves.

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