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 Morning Star Incense - Rose Incense 200 Stick Box
Morning Star Incense - Rose Incense 200 Stick Box

  • Best Selling Japanese Incense
  • 200 Sticks per Box
  • Includes Ceramic Burner
  • Keynote: Rose

  • Nippon Kodo's Morning Star Incense is one of the most popular brands of Japanese incense. Crafted from pure floral essences and rare aromatic woods, Morning Star can be enjoyed every day. Each box comes with a ceramic tile incense burner.

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    Detailed Description
    Morning Star Rose Incense - 200 sticks
    Crafted from pure floral essences and rare aromatic woods

    Like Sume-e paining and haiku poetry, the Japanese art of incense (or Koh as it is known in Japan) is famous for its mystery and subtlty. Morning Star incense, the perenial favorite and best-selling line of Japanese incense, embodies both of these qualities. Much more sutble than Indian or Tibetan incense, it invokes the mysterious fragrances of the natural world without overwhelming you with smoke.

    Morning Star is the perfect "every-day" incense. It is equally suitable for meditation, relaxation, setting a peaceful mood for discussion, reading or listening to music.

    Each box of Morning Star incense comes with a ceramic tile incense burner, but we prefer to use a ceramic bowl burner filled with sand.

    Morning Star is available in either 50 or 200 stick boxes in 12 different fragrances, or key notes, opening up the possibility of "composing" your own symphony of fragrance by mixing and blending. A few favorite combinations to try are Green Tea and Vanilla, Cedarwood and Pine, Sandlawood and Musk, or Jasmine and Lavender. The possibilities - and pleasures - are endless as you combine two or more of these remarkable scents. Please share with us your favorite combinations!

    Morning Star is available in the following fragrances:

  • Sandalwood
  • Cedarwood
  • Pine
  • Musk
  • Patchouli
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Amber
  • Lavender
  • Musk
  • Green Tea
  • Cinnamon

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    Average Rating review
     Customer Reviews
    Very sweet and woody   6/22/2012
    Reviewed by: MetalMonkey from CA.
    The incense is very sweet and doesn't have much rose in it. It smells like heavily candied rose petals with a strong wood base. If you are looking for a fresh rose scent, try Satya Fresh Rose.
    Amazing   5/3/2010
    Reviewed by: Siobhan Sprouse from Virginia.
    I love Morning Star's Rose scent! It is my absolute favorite incense. It is such an ideal blend of smokey and sweet, perfectly heady without being sickly sweet or cloying, just a light touch of rose. The flowery smell actually smells natural as well, not artificial. Perfectly relaxing. Also, thank you for the speedy delivery (only 3 days on basic shipping!) and the prompt service. I'll definitely be back. :)
    Great for relaxing after a long day.   4/22/2008
    Reviewed by: Daniel from Orlando,FL.
    Very subtle,yet it gets to the point. A slightly woodsy odor with a strong touch of rose.Very good stuff.I cant wait to try the other morning star scents.
    Very light and fresh.   12/7/2007
    Reviewed by: keli Green from Watertown, TN.
    I have been burning this particular one for years and still love it. Very light and fresh. Good to find the incense warehouse, such good service and quality products!
    Morning Star Rose   1/18/2007
    Reviewed by: Leigh from houston, tx.
    One of my favorites, hard to find. Smells heavenly of rose without being cloying or too heavy. As always, I love the wood free sticks and their lttle enclosed tile burners are so sweet.

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