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 Padma Attar Perfume Oil - Rose, Jasmine and Clove
Padma Attar Perfume Oil - Rose, Jasmine and Clove

Ramakrishnananda Attar Oil Padma is the sacred water lily, also known as the lotus flower, Its remarkably beautiful blossom unfolds above the water and represents an awakening of the soul to its spiritual dimension.The fragrance contains notes of rose, jasmine and clove. It is available as aromatic oil in bottles of 15 ml.

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Ramakrishnananda Scented Body Oil - .5 fl.oz.

The word attar is derived from an old Persian word meaning "to smell sweet." Well known in the middle East, Persia and India for thousands of years attars have only recently been popularly introduced in the West.

Attar oils are always derived from the finest natural aromatic plants. The elegant and exceedingly rich scents of attars are obtained by condensing vapors directly into a base of sandalwood oil.

Wearing an attar oil is a unique experience that creates an aura of tranquility, confidence and mystery around yourself.

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