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Shoyeido Premium Incense
Shoyeido’s Premium Incense is made with centuries-old recipes. Gentle Smile (Misho) Incense and the scents priced above this contain a high percentage of the prized agarwood/aloeswood. These fragrances are a treat for incense lovers, and are perfect for Koh ceremony and special occasions. Curious to try these exquisite fragrances? We also offer an 8 stick sampler pack for the higher end incense, as well as a 15 stick sampler with 1 stick of each of these premium blends of incense, plus a few of our other favorites. We hope you enjoy these fragrances packed in custom, elegant silk-covered boxes.

Byakudan (Sandalwood) - Amachakou Hydrangea
Byakudan (Sandalwood) - Amachakou Hydrangea
Horin Incense Assortment (Kyo-gosai)
Horin Incense Assortment (Kyo-gosai)
Premium Incense Assortment
Premium Incense Assortment
Shun-yo - Beckoning Spring
Shun-yo - Beckoning Spring

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