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 Song Of India - India Temple Incense - 150 Stick Box
Song Of India - India Temple Incense - 150 Stick Box

Natural incenses are prepared with Natural Perfume Oils, Resins and Wood Powders. These materials are hand rolled over the thin bamboo sticks. They are used in temples, at home and work places to create a pleasant, peaceful and holy atmosphere. Each box includes 120 sticks - burning time 30 minutes.

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Detailed Description
India Temple Incense
Smells just like temples in India!

A very fine fragrance that matches and blends into human senses of scents. You may not even realize that incense is burning. When you enter the room - It's like Heaven! Keep a package in your car, room or desk for a neutral potpourri. Burn after a month for a heavenly atmosphere around you.

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 Customer Reviews
great!!!   8/4/2012
Reviewed by: Destiny from los angeles, ca.
Received a little sample with last order from IW and it's amazing! Came back to order and it's out of stock! It seems to be a favorite. It's a good deviation for nag champa lovers if you're looking to venture out in scents. It truly is a moving and environmental scent that lingers a bit longer than normal.
One of the Best From India   3/29/2012
Reviewed by: Dave B. from Massachusetts.
Although I don't usually care for incense with a perfume scent, the India Temple Incense is very pleasant and relaxing, and the perfume scent, although moderately strong, is not overpowering like some of the competition. One stick fills a fairly large, open area with ease. I recommend the India Temple Incense without reservation at this very reasonable price point.
Amazing!   12/12/2011
Reviewed by: Nilda Moreno from Vermont USA.
I just love it! I can sit back and truly relax to this wonderful aroma. Will be ordering again for sure.
Lovely Experience   3/14/2010
Reviewed by: tina from North Carolina.
Awesome incense! The first time I smelled its aroma, I could feel my chakras swirl! It still has this effect on me. Enjoy it every time I burn them. A very spiritual incense.
Ms.   2/21/2010
Reviewed by: marybethpetri from New Milford CT.
Like nag champa, love Song of India. THE BEST!
great buy   7/29/2009
Reviewed by: lisa miller from Titusville,fl..
ohh, what a great incense! the smell is heaven ! just like the other reviews, these are a nice pot pouri scent will buy again, it helps to read other reviews beforehand so you know pretty much what to expect, so its a very good extra that you have to offer your customers. a very satisfied customer Lisa Miller
Great and intoxicating   6/29/2009
Reviewed by: Ennis from Idaho.
This is one of the best incense there is out there. They smell so great and intoxicating. However, I feel there is one problem with them.. the sticks them selves are so very thin (really thin) that you have to use a incense burner that holds it up a little.. Other then that they are so wonderful and I do buy them each time I order. Try them..! you will like them as everyone else seems too. I do!
they're right   6/4/2009
Reviewed by: Amanda from Ohio.
....it really IS a nice scent! Smells totally different when burned, than it does in the package. I was a little put off by the floral/rosey overtones in the unburned sticks, but once they burn it all changes to a sweet, subtle, powdery scent. Really nice, sticks burn a very long time.
Just try it and you'll be hooked...   2/8/2009
Reviewed by: Harinder Chahal from Toronto, Canada.
The title of this review says it all... Just get a packet and burn one stick, you'll be hooked! Sweet, potporri scent, truly divine.
Perfect potpourri.   8/28/2008
Reviewed by: Daniel from Orlando,FL.
It is a very pleasing potpourri. Wherever you put it, it will release its oils and scent that area. Dont let it lose too much of its oils,or else it smells pretty punkish. Tip:burn them regularly to enjoy their peak fragrance.
New Favorite   7/9/2008
Reviewed by: Shea from Southern California.
Came as a free sample with my order. Haven't ordered it yet but I''m sure I will.
Great scent   6/26/2008
Reviewed by: Linda from Onawa, IA.
Another great scent.........sure glad I bought this product and have reordered it........its a have to have incense!!!!
Outstanding Fragrance!   4/13/2008
Reviewed by: Michelle from Kentucky USA.
I received two sticks of this incense as a free sample, and I''m going to be purchasing more today! My fiance and I couldn't get over how much we loved the soothing fragrance, one that remained long after the stick burned itself out.
A 'sleeper' hit for me   12/29/2007
Reviewed by: Jes from Florida.
The lingering after-burn of this incense is what struck me (up to 12 hours later). A slightly smoky, sweet hint of fragrance still fills the room. I found it very different from the nag-sweet styles. A nice change.
A favorite I just met   12/12/2007
Reviewed by: Gail from PA.
This is a wonderful incense, with a very unique scent - a complex blend of aromas, yet not in a distracting way - very soothing.

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