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 Tibetan Nag Champa Incense
Tibetan Nag Champa Incense

Tibetan Nag Champa Incense features a rich and spicy scent. The exclusive Tibetan Nag Champa incense remains our customer's first choice. This bundle of Tibetan Nag Champa incense is made with hand-picked Himalayan herbs and formulated to please the senses. (Approx.18-20 sticks)
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The rich and spicy scent of this exclusive Tibetan stick incense remains our customer's first choice. This bundle incense is made with hand-picked Himalayan herbs and formulated to please the senses. (Approx.18-20 sticks)

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 Customer Reviews
Exceptional Nag Champa from Nepal! AAA+++   3/29/2012
Reviewed by: Dave B. from Massachusetts.
This Nag Champa from Nepal is of exceptional quality. It is very similar to the one I regularly burn from another vendor. There are some differences, but both are first quality incenses. The aroma is very mellow, sweet, and relaxing. It easily fills the room with its amazing scent, but at the same time it is not overpowering. This is why I prefer the incenses from Nepal; perfect balance! Highly recommended.
Recommended   6/5/2011
Reviewed by: Cynthia T from Orrstown, Pa.
Heavenly aroma and excellent price.
Best Stickless Ever   11/20/2010
Reviewed by: James Andrasek from Wichita, KS.
This is the BEST stickless stick incense that I've ever burned. Like the famouse competitor, but without the stick "punk fireworks" smell getting into the mix. Love it!
THE best Nag Champa   9/29/2010
Reviewed by: Don Pearson from Avalon.N.J..
Yeah, This is THE best Nag Champa.Yes more expensive but,way better.The Golaka is my second favorite.Satya is overpriced.Also,it isn't on a stick that you can break off a piece for your desired burn time.
amazing   4/16/2010
Reviewed by: Aaron P from Philadelphia,PA.
I have to say, I actually like the tibetan nag champa much more than the indian one. This one adds a really nice touch to the traditional indian nag champa, and it is by far my favorite incense.
Sweetest Nag Champa I have ever burned.   3/5/2010
Reviewed by: Louis J Maddox from Peachtree City, Ga.
Ok, don't get me wrong, Satya has great Nag Champa, but it seems that Tibet has taken the advantage over the recipe. While it smells much like the Indian Nag Champa that we are all familiar with and adore, this one adds a honey and syrupy sweetness that is; in a word, Amazing. Short sticks burn fast and produce a large amount of smoke and the longest lingering after affects I've ever experienced.

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