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 Tobiume (Flying Plum) (45 Gram) Aloeswood Incense
Tobiume (Flying Plum) (45 Gram)  Aloeswood Incense

The latest incense creation from Baieido of Japan, Tobiume is a truly remarkable delight! Rare and exceptional Indonesian aloeswood is blended with herbs and spices, like clove and cinnamon, to give you an incense you will cherish. We try to burn a stick a day at the warehouse but lately have been more disciplined due to limited supplies. We suggest you save Tobiume for special moments of relaxation, meditation or for entertaining special guests.

Tobiume (Flying Plum Tree) gets its name from a very famous plum tree by Dazaifu shrine in Fukuoka, Japan. Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine says there are over 6000 plum trees and 197 varieties in the area. Legend has it that when Michizane Sugawara was exiled from the Emperors court in Kyoto one particular plum tree missed him so much it uprooted itself and flew to where he was. Today this tree grows beside the main shrine and is the first to bloom each year.

Tobiume is available in 18 gram boxes (approx. 60 stick).

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