7 Chakra Wall Scroll (58" x 12")
7 Chakra Wall Scroll (58" x 12")

7 Chakra Wall Scroll (58" x 12")

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  • These wall decorations have
    • 7 seven chakras printed on it
      1. The red or base/root chakra helps one feel secure and that one has a right to exist.
      2. The orange or sacral chakra can help one with being social and feelings, especially intimacy. 
      3. The yellow or the solar plexus chakra helps one maintain balance in ego and confidence. 
      4. The green or heart chakra helps one accept love (of others and oneself
      5. The blue or throat chakra helps with relationships and can help one learn to express oneself and trust. 
      6. The indigo or third eye chakra helps one realize their full potential and tap into their intuition.
      7. The violet or crown chakra helps one develop one’s spirituality and trust in the universe.

  • The height of this decoration is approximately 58 inches and its width is approximately 12 inches. 
  • This decoration has black painted wooden dowel inserted on top and bottom. 

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