7 Green Flags - Path to Yoga

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Tibetan prayer flags are the inspiration for these "Path of Yoga" flags. The artist design them with uplifting images of yoga poses, lotus and Om symbol. The Path of Yoga shares a common source with the ancient language of Sanskrit. Each of the seven flags conatain significant word in Sanskrit written in the Devanagari scipt: 1)Yoga - union, 2)Atman - universal self, 3)Nirvana - absorption into pure being, 4)Aum - universal sound 5)Ojas - strength, 6)Samadhi - Unitive awareness, highest state of Yoga, 7)Satya - wisdom, truthfulness.<br><br>This beautiful set of flags will look wonderful in your home, practice space, yoga studio, refuge and any environment. <br><br>

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