3 Kings Charcoal - 40mm *** Box***

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A display box of 40mm Three Kings brand charcoal tablets for use with powdered and resin incenses. The box contains 10 rolls (each roll of charcoal contains 10 charcoal tablets).

To use them with Resin Incense: light the tablet and get it glowing hot. Hold it with tweezers or tongs to keep from burning your fingers! Set it down in a fireproof dish like our popular resin burners. While it smolders sprinkle some incense resin or incense powder on top, and watch a small smoke cloud dramatically appear. It will get very hot while burning, so do not leave unattended.

These are the charcoals of choice for the majority of Hookah Clubs and Bars in America because of their convenience, performance, and value. Three Kings Charcoal is the original and best quick lighting hookah charcoal available. After a Three Kings Charcoal disc is fully lit, it burns hot and clean and does not alter the taste of the tobacco as does most other quick light coals.

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