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Thank you for stopping by Incensewarehouse.com! Our story began in the early '70s, long before the advent of the World Wide Web. We began supplying fine quality imported Indian incense to meditators, Yoga practitioners and discerning buyers looking to create peaceful, calming environments in the home and office. Over the years our inventory grew until we began offering a broader selection of Indian, Japanese and Tibetan incense online through our award winning Yoga & Meditation website www.santosha.com. As the demand for our Incense grew and as the varieties of Incense we offered from around the World expanded, we decided to launch Incensewarehouse.com to better serve the needs of our customers three ways:

Lowest Prices
At Incense Warehouse we know there are many Incense vendors to choose from on the Web. We believe that when you give us a try you will see the difference. We are dedicated to establishing a long-term relationship with our customers. One of the ways we do this is by offering you the best possible prices for the highest quality Incense.

Widest Selection
The varieties of Incense available today are staggering! Although we don't carry every kind of Incense made, we do come close! And our buyers are always seeking new fragrances and new, exotic or rare varieties to present to our customers.

Exceptional Service
This is no exaggeration, our customer service is unsurpassed. Our staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, our quality control is top-notch, our delivery is the fastest in the industry and our customer support is second to none.

Lowest Prices, Widest Selection, Exceptional Service: this is more than our tagline, it is our mission statement and promise to you!

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Thank you for shopping with us!

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