Anatomy For Yoga (DVD)

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Anatomy For Yoga (DVD)
With Paul Grilley

We are very excited to offer the highly acclaimed Anatomy for Yoga, the first in a series of lectures and seminars from Paul Grilley. Paul's work is broad-reaching and provocative, and keeps him on the road giving lectures and leading workshops around the country. He is a leading authority on Taoist Yoga which embraces and examines the critical differences between the Yin and Yang tissues of the body, and his special interest is in teaching Anatomy. His lecture topics include:

-Taoist Yoga
-Movement Analysis
-Chi, Meridians and Chakras
-Hatha Yoga Pradipika
-The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The focus of this first project is comparative anatomy: understanding the underlying skeletal structure of the body, how the bones differ significantly from person to person, and how to use that knowledge in gaining a much deeper understanding of our individual practices. A wide range of students are presented in the DVD to illustrate the natural differences found in every single body, and how poses will never look the same on two different people. 3D computer animations show examples of the human skeleton at a deep level, and anatomical illustrations give names and relationships of the bones. This unique window inside the body, compared and contrasted with close examination of the students in the class, sheds a tremendous light upon a poorly understood aspect of yoga: how the bones affect the poses.

This comprehensive DVD includes nearly 4 hours of in-depth lectures and demonstrations of human anatomy as it relates to Yoga practice. Paul's material is divided into seven successive chapters starting with an overview of anatomical concepts and delving deep into each of the major joints of the body. Using a wide range of normal yoga students, a real skeleton and computer-generated models, Paul thoroughly demonstrates the fundamental differences between compressive and tensile stresses within a pose, and how each one must be addressed differently to get the most from any form of yoga practice.

"Teachers, serious students, and anyone running a teacher training program worth its salt will want a copy of this DVD." - Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal
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