Chrysocolla Raw [Single]
Chrysocolla Raw [Single]

Chrysocolla Raw [Single]

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If you’re in need of a major life transformation, sow the seeds of inspiration with a meditation ritual that incorporates the Chrysocolla crystal stone meaning and inspires new beginnings.

In a sacred, clutter free healing space, prepare for your therapeutic session with this beautiful stone by first smudging the room and crystals with a sage smudge stick.
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Chrysocolla Emotional Properties:
  • Cleanses extreme stress or illness
  • Helmps to encourage or redefine strength
  • Promotes unity and emotional prosperity
Encourage loving communication in your life by placing the stone on the breastbone or throat to detox and rebuild strength during extreme stress or illness. Lying flat on your back with your legs uncrossed, ease your breathing by placing the stone over your heart chakra, which connects to the throat, the energy center of expression.

 Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand, which is linked with dynamic energy. Close your eyes and sit quietly with the stone for 20 minutes, letting go of all thoughts and expectations. When your head is clear, visualize an egg, seeing yourself in the center yolk, a vision that symbolizes the origins of your birth. On a scientific level, the mind doesn't know the difference between what it sees in your consciousness and what's happening in the physical world, making your mind a powerful tool for healing in combination with Chrysocolla. 

*Price is per single stone. Approx. 1/2"- 1"+. All natural stones vary in size and coloration, making them unique.*

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