DISCONTINUED Herbal Vedic Incense - Jasmine Incense

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Jasmine purifies the emotions. Made from pure floral essences, herbs and resin found in nature.

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Herbal Vedic Cedar Incense
Jasmine purifies the emotions.

This incense is made from pure floral essences, herbs and resin found in nature.

10 grams
Approx. 15 sticks
Ayurveda is an ancient science of health. One part of this knowledge is the effect of natural aromas on our well-being. The study of this began thousands of years ago during the Vedic times of India. In those days, all of life, not only fragrances, was viewed with its effects on our inner life, our feelings and thoughts, even our sensations. Jasmine fragrance, for example, was found to enrich the emotions with purity; the fragrance of Sandalwood was found to awaken the intelligence. Not only in the Vedic culture, but in many other cultures, Frankincense resin was burnt over coals, and the resulting fragrance known to bring about a state of inner awareness. Herbal Vedic continues this tradition by offering a group of therapeutic fragrances. Each one is made using Ayurvedic ingredients that are pure, natural and guaranteed non-toxic. Treat yourself with this ancient aromatherapy and feel good.

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