Dream Catcher - Leather Rainbow Wrapped

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12 inches in length
One large 4 Inch rainbow dream catcher
Three tassel like chords draping down
Rainbow stones and feathers.

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Dream catchers have been apart of Native American Indian culture for centuries. Many Native tribe would fashion a woven web or use an old net or snare as the center of the catcher. They would the decorate the webbed center with sacred items such as feathers, hides and beads. The belief is said these sacred items would attract good spirits and the web would "Catch" bad spirits preventing them from effecting you both in your sleep and beyond. These dream catcher are made in the tradition of the originals. Each center hoop is decorated with suede leather which has a woven web center. Each dream catcher is then decorated with fine quality decorative feathers and bead dangles that hang below the symbolic web. Hang our dream catchers from above your bed or anywhere to promote good spirituality and to prevent bad spirits from coming your way!

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