Fancy Jasper - Tumbled & Polished [Quarter Pound]

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Many shapes and sizes ranging from 0.5"-1.25"
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Fancy Jasper Emotional Properties-

  • Fancy Jasper is a stone for bringing wholeness and healing to an environment or situation. 
  • intensify and lighten feelings of well-being, helping you to lighten up and enjoy yourself more.
  • can also relieve fear, guilt and frustration, building inner strength and confidence.
  • In Healing, Jasper is recognized as the “supreme nurturer”.
  • It holds and supports during times of stress, bringing a sense of completeness and tranquility.
  • often used to help with dream recall and shamanic journeying; 
  • it is a stone of protection and absorbs all types of negative energies.
  • facilitates in balancing and aligning the physical, mental and emotional bodies, 
  • it is a stone of strength, courage and determination.Jasper stimulates creativity and imagination, 
  • encouraging ideas into action.
  • It can really assist people who need more focus, organization abilities, and motivation. 
  • It is also said to be good for protection from radiation

Fancy Jasper Physical Properties

  • Takes on many shapes and sizes ranging from 0.5"-1.25"
  • Varying color hues- Earthy Reds,Blues,Greens,Pinks,Oranges and Browns

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