Glass Bottle Incense Burner - Multi Colored
Glass Bottle Incense Burner - Multi Colored

Glass Bottle Incense Burner - Multi Colored

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Bottle Incense Burners are a clean and safe way to burn your incense sticks. These glass multi colored incense bottles feature an array of colors on each bottle. Each incense bottle comes with our easy clip and grip incense stick holder. Simply light your incense stick and clip the unlit end to the easy clip, place the incense stick's lit end into the bottle and balance the easy clip at the opening of the bottle. The small hole in the bottle will allow air flow so that your stick will stay lit and the scented smoke will be released out of the top. The ashes will fall safely and cleanly into the bottle.  There is no chance for the burning stick to roll loose like in many other types of incense burners.These glass incense bottles are not recommended for Japanese or Tibetan incense.

Please Note: cannot guarantee a specific color when shipping. Each bottle is made with unique color patterns. Incense Warehouse will choose upon availability when shipping. Additionally, as the bottles are manufactured, colors and patterns are completely random. They will surely deviate from the photo, which is simply a representation of the miscellaneous nature of the product. Thank You for understanding.

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