Hana-kuruma Flower Wheel Japanese Incense Origami Sachet

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Shoyeido's incense sachets are created using 300-year-old recipes. They can be placed in a purse, a closet, a suitcase, a car and so on, to add a subtle fragrance of sandalwood and herbs, and to protect valuable silk and wool clothes from insects.

This wonderful Origami sachet unites two traditional Japanese arts: incense blending and Origami papercraft. The colorful Origami paper container of Hana-Karuma is designed by a master blender of Shoyeido. Perfect for hanging in the car or closet. An ideal gift.

0.3 oz.

Ingredients: Sandlwood, Clove (Caryophylli flos), Cinnamon (Cinnamonomi cortex), Star Anise and spices.

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