House Made Sachets 3"
House Made Sachets 3"

House Made Sachets 3"

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Scented sachets are for containing odorous substances to be laid among handkerchiefs to perfume them. They are also used to make undergarments and outer garments sweet smelling as well as placed amongst linens.Scented sachets are also hung in closets and cupboards. They are also put into briefcases and luggage. Some are used in stationary packets and others are put under pillows to help one sleep. Scented sachets are "sweet bags" (an old name for a small sachet cloth bag) and are put in automobiles, clothes dryers, clothes closets, inside or about children's stuffed animals, on the backs of chairs, and on doorknobs.These type of sachets are often put in closets and dresser drawers for their scents.

Each of our sachets are filled with the same herb you would find in our smudges!

We Offer 6 Scents so far;
  • Cedar
  • White Sage
  • Lavender
  • 5 Directions (White Sage,Desert Sage,Cedar,Lavender,Copal)
  • Lavender Fields (Lavender Blossom,Sage,Cedar)
  • Ceremonial SweetCense (Desert Sage,Cedar,Sweetgrass)

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