Incienso de Santa Fe - Hickory Incense - 40 Bricks

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Hickory is the only incense from Incienso de Santa Fe that doesn't come from the western part of the USA. This tree grows mostly in the southeast. It is a tall tree that has a shaggy bark when mature. The wood is hard and the smoke is used for cooking much like mesquite and alder.

Boxed Incense - 40 Bricks

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Incienso de Santa Fe, a family-owned and operated business since 1963, makes incense that is unique to the Southwestern United States. The native woods they use create fragrances you will find nowhere else but in the West. Many people find that this incense makes them remember all kinds of wonderful things...the perfume of the painted desert, a crackling campfire on a high mountain trail, the morning mist settling in a Zuni village. If you have not tried these fragrances before, we know you will find them very special.

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