Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense - Desert Pinon Incense

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Juniper Ridge Desert Pinion Campfire incense are made only with wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood, and bark found hiking the back country. No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume. Incense for people who enjoy sitting around the campfire.

Scent notes: sweet pine, resin, desert campfire, chiminea.

Region-Desert Southwest



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Juniper Ridge Pinon Incense
Made with real leaves, wood and resins from the mountains and deserts of the West

Pinon Pine is found in abundance in the mountains and higher elevation plateau country of the desert Southwest, and its wood has a wonderful, sweet aroma when burned. This incense evokes winter nights in the high mesa and canyon country of the Southwest, where the pungent wood is burned as firewood, and the resinous smell of Piñon smoke drifts through high desert air.

Ingredients: Pinon pine, vegetable gum to hold plant material together, bamboo stick

20 sticks
Incense has been around since the dawn of human culture, and it has always been about burning real plant material - resins, leaves and wood. Those who find the smell of sitting around a campfire enjoyable and relaxing... these incenses are for you!
  • Juniper Ridge incenses are the only incenses anywhere made with 100% real leaves, wood and resins from the mountains and deserts of the West

  • None of the added scents, colors, cheap punking material, oxidizers etc. found in other incenses - we list all of our ingredients because we have nothing to hide

  • Instead of being sweet and perfumey, these incenses smell much more natural and woodsy, like a campfire crackling in the mountain-air night

  • No potassium nitrate - potassium nitrate is a chemical burning aid found in virtually every incense out there except for ours

  • Soothing, relaxing outdoorsy scent

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