Kyanite Raw Crystals (Blue) (Grade A)
Kyanite Raw Crystals (Blue) (Grade A)

Kyanite Raw Crystals (Blue) (Grade A)

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Variations in color and size differ from piece to piece

Blue Kyanite is the most widespread color of Kyanite and is the type most often seen.
The most outstanding property that all colors of Kyanite are known for, is the ability to bring all of the chakras into alignment. It does this without the user needing to direct it by thought, but if it is directed it will have the extra result of being able to open the chakras.
The Kyanite healing properties are quite powerful, as this stone starts the healing process of any chakra by its use.

This stone is definitely a stone to facilitate meditation. Blue Kyanite has an ability to align all of the chakras, which makes it one stone that should always be used if possible at the beginning of any meditation. It is a strong spiritual grounding crystal, and it is well known for its action to also ground any excess vibrations stimulated by the spiritual journey as well. Keep a piece in your pocket, and if you want to take advantage of blue Kyanite's excellent ability to promote lucid dreams, put a piece under the pillow.

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