Loose Smudging Herbs - ( 2 OZ )
Loose Smudging Herbs - ( 2 OZ )

Loose Smudging Herbs - ( 2 OZ )

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You will need a dedicated place to burn your herbs, perhaps in a fireplace, or some other safe, fire-proof, highly heat-tolerant surface where you can place your loose herbs or smudging vessel during the ceremony.

If you are not familiar with burning dried herbs, start with just a pinch or two of your crushed herb selections. You can always add more as your ceremony progresses.

BE CAUTIOUS! The objective is not to start a fire! You want your herbs to smolder, not flame up, or explode.

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 You may need a feather ( Smudging Feathers ) to direct the smudging energy as the smudge smoke rises from your smudging vessel- Plan not to touch or move the vessel or the herbs once you have ignited them. 

One traditional method is to use a half-shell as the vessel to hold the herbs you have selected to burn, the most popular shells to use is the abalone shell. ( Abalone Shell - Whole, Large - Size Varies 6-7 " )

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