Mainichi Byakudankoh Sandalwood Incense
Mainichi Byakudankoh Sandalwood Incense

Mainichi Byakudankoh Sandalwood Incense

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Mainichi Byakudankoh means "Everyday Sandalwood." This incense is a nice choice for starters and/or as a gift. It comes with a fabric-covered Paulownia wood box for moisture protection.

Exceptional incense in an elegant package.

Available in 60 sticks with burner as pictured, 150 sticks (no burner) and 100 Long Sticks (no burner)

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Mainichi Byakudankoh Sandalwood Incense

Byakudan /sandalwood, has been used from the dawn of human history, and is known for its sweet and rich scents. Today, Nippon Kodo has adapted the essence to suit modern tastes. Enjoy its full character!

Nippon Kodo was founded over four centuries ago. It began producing koh (high quality incense) for the Emperor of Japan. Today, Nippon Kodo continues this tradition of excellence with a wide variety of contemporary and traditional incense for every occasion and taste for all people all over the world.

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