Maroma Smudging Wand - Wild sage
Maroma Smudging Wand - Wild sage

Maroma Smudging Wand - Wild sage

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Maroma Smudge Wild Sage
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The consecration of spaces, objects, and occasions by the ritual burning of fragrant herbs, woods, and incense is an age-old practice common to many cultures. Smudging is a spiritual process of passing a room, object, or even one’s self through cleansing herbal smoke as a path to redefinition and purification. Maroma’s handsome, handmade leaf incense wands are a respectful, charming, and convenient tribute to these ancient traditions.

Simply light the tip of the wand and allow it to flame and then blow it out. As it smolders it will release fragrant smoke and can be held by hand or placed in a holder for a prolonged aromatic effect.

They are 100% NATURAL and all ingredients are of botanical origin. Contents: wood powder, bamboo stick, tree bark powder (as a natural binder), and absolute extracts of WILD SAGE.

**Please Note: The Base as seen in the image does NOT come with the Smudge Wands**

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