Misticks Fragrance Mist - Jasmine 100ml (3.5 oz.)

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Very likely the handiest of all home fragrance products is Misticks® Fragrance Mist. Simply defined, Fragrance Mist is a natural pump room freshener providing instant freshness throughout the house at the touch of a finger. Chose from a "wardrobe" of fragrances for the home. One Fragrance mist for the living and sleeping areas, one for the bath and a third for the kitchen.

Spray Fragrance Mist lightly to freshen the air or sweetly scent linens, draperies, carpets, drawers, and closets. The spray is nonflammable water based mist delivered by pressing the pump. Misticks® Fragrance Mist contains no C.F.C.s and is packaged in a recyclable aluminum container

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Instructions for Using Misticks Fragrance Mists:

Spray lightly to freshen linens or sweetly scent the air, draperies, carpets, drawers and closets.

This water based mist is delivered naturally by pressing the pump.

Contains no alcohol.

Prior to use test fabric for color fastness in an inconspicuous place.

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