Nose Desserts Incense - Variety Pack 2 Incense

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Nose Desserts Variety Pack 2 Incense High Quality Premium Stick Incense.

Featuring 4 incense:





20 incense sticks that are hand rolled, hand dipped, extra thick, and heavily scented! Nose Desserts features true quality scent fragrances that are rich, smooth, fragrant, succulent and delicious.

Nose Desserts premium quality incense sticks are the best because: Nose Desserts use the highest quality fragrances, they use more fragrance oil per stick so their stick incense stays smelling fresher, longer. Nose Desserts incense sticks are 11"inches long and have over 8-1/2"inches of the thickest fragrance coating resulting in burning times of over 1 hour per incense stick.

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