Ramakrishnananda Incense - Krishna - Vetiver, Cedar wood & Halamadi

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Krishna: The supreme desire. Qualities: Joy, playfulness and passion.

10 sticks of hand rolled masala incense.

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Krishna - Vetiver, Cedar wood & Halamadi

Krishna - The supreme desire

Qualities - Joy, playfulness and passion

Ramakrishnananda’s hand rolled incense is made out of the finest natural ingredients in the world. We have chosen a variety of herbs, flowers and resins, blending them together with pure oils and pure sandalwood, creating 18 exquisite blends suitable for a variety of different atmospheres and different moods. Our incense is made by hand and each stick is rolled individually. These unique ayurvedic blends are made according to ancient recipes and every incense blend represents a combination of several scents that mingle together in harmony. The incense will burn for a long time and will linger for hours after burning. They are designed to create a soothing and balanced environment, in which relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit can occur.

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