Traditional Indian Tube Incense - 6 Tube Sampler Pack

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Back in the '60s and early '70s much of the incense imported from India came packaged in hand-made cardboard tubes covered in colorful labels. Some of the older incense manufacturers still offer their premium hand-rolled incense in these retro-style packages. We've gather together a wonderful variety pack of these fine quality, retro-packaged imported Indian incenses and are offering it at a remarkable savings. You will receive the following six fragrances:

Kamala Udabathi - Kasturi & Amber Mix - 20 gram tube

Vinason's Amber Yellow Incense - 20 gram tube

Four Roses Incense - 15 gram tube

Great Himalaya Incense - 20 gram tube

King of Jasmine Argabathi Incense - 20 gram tube

Samadhi Agarbatti Incense - 15 gram tube

Over $13 of incense for only $8.95 - for a limited time!

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Samadhi Incense
A clear, floral fragrance

The retro-style packing of this delightful hand-rolled argabathi incense compliments its very traditional sweet fragrance. Made by Parekh Perfumery Works, Bombay, India.


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