Triloka Original Herbal Incense - Sandalwood Incense

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  • Made from Essential Oils,
  • Flowers, Herbs, Woods,
  • Natural Resins & Woods
  • No Chemicals Used!
  • Traditional, Hand-rolled
  • 10 gr. Packs (9-10 Sticks)

  • Imagine...
    A Lush Himalayan Garden
    With Essence of Botanical Scents.
    A Serence Sunset and
    A Glowing Medicinal Fire
    Unite. Time Stops.
    The Journey Begins...

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    Triloka incense is handmade according to the ancient tradition of India - supporting an age old cottage industry. It is purely an art - blending over 20 natural ingredients to create an enchanting line of incense. Each Triloka incense stick is individually hand rolled using only the finest herbs, gums, essential oils, charcoal, mysore sandalwood and other pure and natural ingredients.

    Triloka Premium Herbal Incense sticks are made to release a richer fragrance when burning, with a fine after aroma. There are approximately 10 sticks per 10 gram packages and the sticks ar 6¶ long.

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