Triloka Premium Incense - Cedar Lavender

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  • Made from Essential Oils,
  • Flowers, Herbs, Woods,
  • Natural Resins & Woods
  • No Chemicals Used!
  • Traditional, Hand-rolled
  • 10 Stick Per Pack

  • Triloka Premium Incense is handmade according to ancient tradition in India - supporting an age-old cottage industry. It is purely an art - blending over 20 natural ingredients per fragrance to create an enriching line of Incense.

    Each triloka Premium Incense stick is individually handrolled using only the finest herbs, gums, essential oils, charcoal, mysore sandalwood and other pure and natural ingredients. Never any dipping! Triloka incense will release fragrance even after years of storage becasue of its pure and rare ingredients.

    10 Stick Pack
    For meditation, relaxation
    as a mood enhancer,
    or as a natural
    air freshener.

    Part Number: TRI-PRE-CELA
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