Tumbled Rainforest Jasper
Tumbled Rainforest Jasper

Tumbled Rainforest Jasper

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Rainforest Jasper has a subtle and gradual energy, and it will attract more pleasant and joyful energies into your life. It will encourage you to have a more heart-centered love for the earth.

It will see you making a more solid commitment to the earth and its health and well-being.
You will be making both big and small changes in your life that will benefit the earth, and you will be inspiring all the people you know to do the same. It will also support you when you want to make contact with elemental beings and nature spirits.Rainforest Jasper has an energy for joy and happiness that will flow outwards from all aspects of your life. This stone will also bring you powerful energies of change.

When you begin to use this wonderful stone, the quiet, happy, and strong energy that it possesses will also attract new and more positive people into your life.

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