Chakra Yoga Natural Masala Incense - 12 Scents - (10 Sticks Per Pack)

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Yoga is a group of physical activities that triggers mental, emotional and overall health! It encompasses a variety of asanas and postural movements that in turn enhances the favorability of life. Yoga is an age-old practice that is known to provide serenity, solace and sanctity to the mind and soul. It not only enlivens your body and keeps you physically fit but also cheers up your mental and emotional health.

If you are someone who is seeking premium quality and mesmerizing yoga incense sticks that can add more to your yoga experience, then opting for Yoga Natural and Hand Made Incense Sticks can be an ideal decision taken by you. Crafted out of finest quality herbs, it is must have incense sticks that not only purifies the environment but also leaves a magnificent and alluring odor.

Enliven your life by lighting up these finest-quality incense sticks that will indeed make a great start to your day. Yoga is a natural and an ancient practice that leads to better health. Whether you are a yogi or a meditator, make sure to light up the incense sticks to create a more alluring and majestic environment.

Special features: 
Sarvangasana - Makes you stronger throughout your life. 
Vajrasana - Strengthens the entire nervous system. 
Tadasana -provides the energy to discipline the mind. 
Sirsasana -Teaches you patience. 
Vrikshasana - makes you sturdy & flexible. 
Chakrasana - Energizes you and expels discouragement from life.
Uttanasana - Upgrades the whole structure of your body. 
Gomukhasana - Induce relaxation and increases energy level.
JanuSirsasana - relieves anxiety & fatigue. 
Utrasana - Improves the function of respiratory system & tightens the muscles. 
Siddhasana - keeps you focused & determined.
Balasana - Gives you a greater sense of mental, physical and emotional solace.

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